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Linda Mather and Beacon Consulting Associates offer the model of Informed Contemplative Dialogue to facilitate discussion, mutual understanding and collaboration
“Light bulbs go on when you bring people together.”
Ruby Hearn
Past senior vice president
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


A Model for Communication that Drives Discussion

Linda Mather developed and offers a proven communications model that is effective with groups of all kinds. Informed Contemplative Dialogue* (ICD) is a method that engages participants in talking about issues or needed change, learning new perspectives and sharing information with others beyond the discussion itself.

Unlike most group gatherings whose goal is to support cohesive group effort, the goal of a meeting using ICD is to provide the resources for participants to think about an issue and to take action within their own sphere of influence.

The ICD method:

  • Delivers balanced information
  • Encourages informed conversation
  • Provides alliance-building opportunities
  • Supports action in communities of practice
  • Leads to innovative solutions for change

Informed Contemplative Dialogue

*Informed Contemplative Dialogue and illustration were created under the auspices of Forums Institute for Public Policy.

**Forums Institute also produced Issue Briefs for the New Jersey Forums on Health and Medical Care under a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The Issue Briefs are now housed at the New Jersey State Library.

About Meeting Facilitation

By Linda Mather

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