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“Incredibly practical and useful”

“One of the top two sessions of the conference”

– Participants, Charity Channel Summit

From comments on the Beacon workshop, The Balancing Act of Leadership, at the Charity Channel Summit.

Serving as president of a nonprofit organization for more than 10 years, Linda Mather is well aware of the issues nonprofit boards face and the need for training. Linda has an established track record working with and training nonprofit boards to help their organizations fulfill their missions. Training programs and consulting services include:

  • Retreats
  • Leadership coaching for nonprofit board members and organization executives
  • Communication skills development
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Long range planning
  • Board/staff relationship building and training

Linda tailors training programs specifically to the individual requirements of each nonprofit board she works with. For example, active in the League of Women Voters, Linda has trained moderators for candidates' nights and developed a moderators training manual. She has also presented workshops on effective meetings.


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